Next generation Toyota Tundra spotted

The Toyota Tundra is a hefty pick-up with an equally solid age. Now it seems, however, that a whole new generation is really coming.

In the Dutch Toyota showrooms you will not find the Tundra new, but in the United States, among others, it is still an important model for the Japanese. The pick-up takes on, among other things, the Ford F-150 and certainly not without success. And that while the current Tundra went into production 14 years ago. The model has been available for twice as long as the previous generation, but now it seems that the rack is really out. Here we see a completely new generation for the first time after countless refreshments.

The sturdy package of packaging materials obviously hides the details and it should come as no surprise that the basic shape changes little. Yet there are some things that reveal that it is now really a completely new Tundra. The nose is considerably more angular and the same applies to the A-pillar. The door jambs also look thicker than they are now. The somewhat rounded shapes of the current Tundra will probably make way for a somewhat tougher and more angular design. Toyota would not be Toyota if no hybrid drive is possible and even this pick-up will get a variant with partly electric drive. The outgoing Tundra is only available with V8s, the Tundra Hybrid probably uses a V6 as petrol power source. Toyota will probably reveal it next year.

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