Nissan Hyper Urban should last much longer than current models

The first of a series

Nissan Hyper Urban ConceptNissan Hyper Urban ConceptNissan Hyper Urban ConceptNissan Hyper Urban ConceptNissan Hyper Urban Concept

Nissan Hyper Urban Concept

Nissan is also showing what it brings to the Japan Mobility Show, which opens its doors in Tokyo later this month. The brand is already digitally presenting us with this Nissan Hyper Urban, but that is not the only thing Nissan has ready.

During the Japan Mobility Show, Nissan says a series of “[…] to present exciting electric study models” of which this Hyper Urban is the first. We see an electric crossover with wildly opening butterfly doors and a generally striking angular design. The Hyper Urban is overloaded with sharp folds and sleek lines, although the the design of the decoration around the rear wheel arches reflects this.

The Hyper Urban must be able to supply energy back to the grid and to your home and, according to the brand, fits completely into an ‘EV ecosystem’. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that, according to its creators, the car was designed to last as long as possible. Nissan envisions a world where its EVs are kept current not only through software updates, but also through regular hardware refreshes. For example, the interior is modular and you should be able to easily install a new and more modern instrument panel in the car if the existing one becomes or looks outdated in the long term. Interesting.

Nissan does not release any further technical information, so the Hyper Urban seems mainly to be a wild creative excess that only briefly hints at the path that Nissan wants to take with its EVs in the future.

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