No Apple event in October? (iPhone News #39)

You have to buy this iPhone and we won’t have an Apple event in October. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week.

iPhone battery draining fast since iOS 16? This is the solution

Many people notice that their iPhone battery drains faster after installing iOS 16. The new software update seems to be quite demanding.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet released a fix for the battery problem. That is why we list ways in the article below to make your iPhone battery last longer.

What can you do about a fast draining battery since iOS 16?

iPhone 14 Pro (Max) review: the smartphone you should buy

iPhone 14 Pro Max

We tested the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the best (and most expensive) Apple phone this year. And we can waste a lot of words on it, but the conclusion is simple: the differences between the ‘regular’ model and the Pro variant have never been so great.

Looking for the best Apple has to offer? Then the 14 Pro Max is your device, especially if you are now walking around with an iPhone 12 (or older model). Anyone who now has an iPhone 13 (Pro) makes a nice, but not a gigantic switch with the 14 Pro Max.

Read our iPhone 14 Pro Max review

Stage Manager is coming to more iPads

The biggest innovation of iPadOS 16 is Stage Manager. Apple originally planned to roll out this improvement only for the latest iPads, but is now getting back to that.

Stage Manager will also be available on older iPad Pros (from 2021, 2020 and 2018) and the iPad Air (from 2022). iPadOS 16 will be released sometime this month: we don’t have a specific date.

These iPads also get Stage Manager

Rumor: No Apple Event in October

Apple event

We’ve been writing a lot over the past few weeks about a potential Apple event in October. However, according to the usually reliable journalist Mark Gurman, this event will not take place.

According to Gurman, Apple thinks the announcements are too small to organize a complete event. The journalist reports that Apple will unveil a new iPad Pro, Mac mini and two new MacBook Pro laptops this month.

Maybe no Apple event in October, but new products

‘iPhone 14 Pro Max will not get a successor’

iphone 15 pro max end

The same Gurman reports that there is no direct successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the best iPhone of this year. Instead, Apple is set to release an iPhone 15 Ultra next year.

According to the journalist, the device will be given a different name because Apple will implement a new design next year. In addition, there are currently several devices with the addition ‘Ultra’. Think, for example, of the brand new Apple Watch Ultra, or the M1 Ultra chip from the Mac Studio.

Will we get an iPhone 15 Ultra next year?

Screen issue for the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra jelly scrolling

The Apple Watch Ultra is still brand new, but some owners have already found a problem with the premium smartwatch.

For example, there are several posts on Reddit and YouTube in which Apple Watch Ultra owners complain about a scrolling problem, also known as ‘jelly scrolling’. You notice while scrolling (for example through your notifications) that one half of the screen shifts faster than the other side.

More about jelly scrolling on the Apple Watch Ultra

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