No delivery to the Netherlands? Use a forwarding service

An important limitation when ordering abroad is the delivery of your package: you try to provide a Dutch address, but the store simply does not offer you that option. A forwarding service offers a solution. We introduce you to some of them.

Although we are connected to everything and everyone on the internet and we can order almost anything online, there are still situations where restrictions apply. A striking example are web stores that only deliver domestically. If you see a product in a foreign store and want to order it, you will be left out with a Dutch address.

You can use a forwarding service for this situation. Good example of this is Forward2Me: a service with which you can shop in different countries (England, Germany, Japan and Turkey) and with which all orders are neatly delivered to the Dutch doormat. Another great service is Shipito, which specializes in US orders.

The process of a forwarding service is relatively simple. First you sign up with the service, a free process. You will receive a postal address during registration. This concerns a physical delivery address in the country in which you want to order. Enter that address as soon as you place your order with the web store. You will be notified as soon as the package is received by the forwarding service.

You can view details via a personal dashboard. For example, forwarding services often offer the possibility to view a photo of the package (in addition to the check, also good for anticipation), to check the shipping documents and to indicate what you want to do with the package. This way you can forward it directly, but also bundle it, throw it away or send it back to the sender.

Do you often order multiple products in a country from different providers? Many forwarding services offer the option not to forward the orders directly, but to bundle the individual orders in one large package and only then forward them. That saves shipping costs.

Extra cost

The forwarding services earn from the shipping costs they charge you and depend on size and weight. Moreover, with many providers you can also choose via which courier the package is sent and how much hurry you are in the forwarding. These factors determine the final rate.

In practice, you pay about 15 percent margin for the forwarding service. Sometimes the services offer you to insure the package extra. A nice option, but first check which protection is provided within your chosen shipping contract.

If, in your opinion, this coverage is too low, you can take advantage of the extra insurance of the forwarding service, which in practice usually covers damage and loss.

Via a community

Finally, another interesting development is Parcl. Parcl is a community that brings together the shoppers and parties who can forward the parcels (forwarders). Membership is free: you only pay when a transaction takes place. Via the website you indicate which products you want to buy and in which country the purchase is.

The forwarders can respond to your request and quote the purchase. You can choose from the best offers. Via the platform you can then contact the chosen forwarder to discuss the details and further conditions.

After you have come to an agreement, you pay for the order. This concerns a total amount, so including shipping costs. You will receive the address of the forwarder, which you will then use to have the order delivered.

A characteristic of Parcl is the possibility to have the forwarder order the products as well, so that you do not have to worry about it yourself. Of course you also pay for this service. In that case, you approve the purchase before it is actually sent to you.


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