Not normal in every way

The immediately available, 100 percent electric BMW iX

Not normal in every way

BMW is known as a manufacturer of above-average sporty cars. At BMW, this goes hand in hand with efficient, clean and often groundbreaking technology. A good example of this is the fully electric BMW iX. With its low air resistance, the BMW iX is more like a sports car than a large SUV in terms of performance. Moreover, it is immediately available. Now be honest: that’s not normal, is it?

The BMW iX has been making waves since its introduction and that was exactly the intention. There are plenty of normal cars, the BMW iX is a bit controversial. But in a good way, which appeals to the individualists among us. After an initial introduction and especially during the test drive, a common reaction is ‘not normal!’ The BMW iX, available from stock, strikes the right chord and makes electric driving great.

Not normally versatile and luxurious

Sitting on luxurious seats and a backseat that makes you even more loved by family and friends. The versatile suspension system of the BMW iX smoothes the road or ensures sporty driving characteristics.

Not normally a lot of driving pleasure

BMW makes driving great, the iX is no exception. Electric driving boring? Forget it. The smooth and fast acceleration will soon become your new normal, the steering is precise and makes a winding route extra fun.

Not normally ingenious

The BMW iX is packed with visible and invisible functionalities that make driving safe and comfortable, starting with the intuitive infotainment system. The panoramic glass roof darkens at the touch of a button and the sound of the (optional) Bowers & Wilkins audio system will blow you away.

Not normally durable

  • The energy for the production of the BMW iX comes from nearby hydroelectric power stations.
  • The factory obtains more than 40 percent of the water it needs from its own sources.
  • During its entire life cycle, the BMW iX emits almost 50 percent less greenhouse gases than a comparable car with a diesel engine.
  • Cobalt and lithium come from mines in Morocco and Australia, where BMW monitors environmental and working conditions.
  • The amount of cobalt in the batteries of the BMW iX has been reduced to less than 10 percent compared to the previous generation of batteries.
  • Each BMW iX contains 60 kg of recycled plastic.
  • No rare earth materials have been used for the electric motor of the BMW iX.

Not normally available quickly

Do you want to experience for yourself how unusually unusual the BMW iX is and do you want to drive it this year? That’s possible, the BMW iX is available from stock.

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