NS Platform Indicator: help for train passengers with a visual impairment

NS has released a new app for train passengers with a visual impairment. This allows you to read or hear extra well whether you are on the right platform.

NS platform indicator

If you have a visual impairment, it can be very difficult to travel by train. After all, the travel information boards can be difficult to read for visually impaired travelers. The NS has now developed the NS Perronwijzer app with extra large letters and icons, and a strong contrast so that it is easy to read. The app was developed in collaboration with the Eye Association and tested by blind and partially sighted people.

You can choose to provide your location in the app, or manually type in a platform. If you’ve activated speech on your iPhone, the app will read aloud what’s on the signs on the platforms: the departure time and the stations where the train stops. You can also immediately see in the app whether there are any changes or delays.

NS Platform Indicator is not a journey planner

The NS Perronwijzer is not a travel planner. So you don’t have to be there to see how to get from one station to another. You have to go to the NS Reisplanner for that. The Platform Indicator is more of an aid if you are already at the station and want to check whether you are on the correct platform.

You can, however, see from the station where you are which trains depart from each platform, and which stops these trains make. Information from carriers other than NS, such as Arriva, is also visible.

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