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In the Excel calculation program you determine how a number is displayed and how many decimal places you see.

Many people use Excel to keep track of their administration or household book. You can keep track of amounts and other types of numbers in the program. Within Excel there are handy options to adjust the display of a number. If you want to see amounts in euros, a euro sign is placed in front of a number and you see the amount in euros and cents. If you are calculating with large numbers, you can decide how many decimal places you want to see.

Number Format: Currency

  • Open Excel. In Windows 10, click Start > Excel. In earlier Windows versions, click Start > All programs > Microsoft Office [jaartal] > Microsoft Excel.
  • Excel starts. click on Empty workbook.
  • First, we’ll show you how to display a number as a monetary amount. So with euro sign and two decimal places. Click in cell A1.
  • Type the number ‘23.75’ and press the Enter key.
  • The number has been entered. Now we want to indicate that it concerns a number in euros. Click on the number in the cell.
  • In the Ribbon, click on the tab Start or Homepage.
  • In the ‘Number’ group you will find a drop-down menu. Click this and all sorts of number format options will appear. Depending on which version of Excel you are using, the menu will look like this.
    change number formatchange number format excel
  • Click in the list on Currencies.

A dollar sign immediately appears in front of the number in the selected cell. Each time you select one or more boxes, you can choose the format in this way.

Change decimals

Now we are going to change the number of decimal places of our euro amount. The method shown works for all types of numbers you select, even if they are not amounts in euros.

  • If necessary, click cell A1 again to select the cell. A selected cell can be recognized by the thick black or green border around the selection.
  • In the ‘Number’ group, click the icon that represents ‘More decimals’ more decimals excel. You can recognize this icon by a blue arrow to the left and the number 0 in it three times.
  • In cell A1, an extra decimal appears after the amount. Every time you press the button More decimals click, an extra decimal appears.
  • Next to the ‘More decimals’ button is the ‘Fewer decimals’ button less decimals excel. You can recognize it by a small arrow to the right and the number 0 in it three times. Every time you press that button, a decimal is removed.

We also show the above explanation in this video. The video is based on Word 2010. Word 2013, 2016 and 2019 look different, but the operation is the same.

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