Number of EVs delivered in Europe more than doubled

Tesla Model Y is in the lead by a distance

Peugeot 208

While it was announced today how many new passenger cars were registered in the Netherlands in September, the European registration figures are also trickling in, although they concern August. What seems? The number of EVs delivered more than doubled in August compared to the same month last year. This is evident from figures released by Jato Dynamics.

According to Jato Dynamics, almost 900,000 new passenger cars were registered in Europe in August. That is 20 percent more than in August last year. Of those approximately 900,000 cars, 22 percent – just under a quarter – were EVs. According to the figures from Jato Dynamics, this concerns 196,000 copies, more than 102 percent more than in August 2022.

Petrol cars are still by far the most popular in Europe. Petrol cars accounted for 53 percent of European registrations in August. The number of newly registered petrol cars increased by 11 percent in August. As previously expected, the Tesla Model Y was not only the electric car with the most units registered in August, but also the car in general with the most units registered. 21,549 copies were registered in August. In the first eight months of this year, 169,240 units were sold, putting the Model Y on track to become the most popular new passenger car of 2023.

In the first eight months of this year, 197,800 passenger cars from Chinese car brands were registered in Europe. MG accounted for a 69 percent share. Volkswagen takes the lead in the brand rankings in August and remains well ahead of Toyota – which is in second place. Toyota did have better growth figures than Volkswagen in August.

Most registered brands in Europe – August 2023

Brand Number
1 Volkswagen 99,266
2 Toyota 59,132
3 BMW 53,334
4 Audi 51,142
5 Skoda 49,996
6 Mercedes=Benz 48,611
7 Peugeot 41,869
8 Renault 40,822
9 Kia 40,712
10 Hyundai 38,925

Most registered new passenger cars in Europe – August 2023

Brand Fashion model Number
1 Tesla Model Y 21,549
2 Peugeot 208 15,840
3 Volkswagen T-Roc 15,198
4 Fiat 500 14,469
5 Dacia Sandero 14,428
6 Volkswagen golf 13,760
7 Opel Corsa 13,342
8 Renault Clio 12,865
9 Lemon C3 12,111
10 Tesla Model 3 11,943

Most registered EVs in Europe – August 2023

Brand Fashion model Number
1 Tesla Model Y 21,549
2 Tesla Model 3 11,943
3 Volkswagen ID4 9,135
4 Volkswagen ID3 6,835
5 Skoda Enyaq IV 6,599
6 MG 4 6,302
7 Dacia jump 5,799
8 Fiat 500 5,735
9 Cupra Born 4,203
10 BMW iX1 4,693

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