Of the many Stellantis brands, Fiat is once again the largest

In the lead with 1.35 million cars

Of the many Stellantis brands, Fiat is once again the largest

Fiat is a small player in the Netherlands. Less than 1.5 percent of all new cars registered in the Netherlands last year had a Fiat badge on their faces. Worldwide, the Italians are doing considerably better. In fact, of the many Stellantis brands, Fiat was the largest.

Forty years ago, Fiat had a market share of almost 7 percent in the Netherlands. That year, no fewer than 31,788 Fiats were registered in our country. Although Fiat regularly achieved a market share of around 5 percent in the 1990s, in 2024 it is still a shadow of what it once was in the Netherlands. Of all new passenger cars registered in the Netherlands last year, only 1.4 were Fiats. This involved 5,183 units, of which another 4,358 were a Fiat 500 Hybrid or 500e. Of the many brands that Stellantis has in its portfolio, the largest is not Peugeot, Citro├źn or Opel, but Fiat.

Fiat sold no fewer than 1.35 million cars worldwide last year. That was just 12 percent more than in 2022, when it was also Stellantis’ largest brand. In its home country Italy, Fiat was the market leader with a market share of 12.8 percent and in Turkey (15.7 percent) Fiat was also the largest in 2023. In Algeria, no less than 78.6 percent of all registered new cars were of the Italian brand. Fiat is undoubtedly happier with how it scores in Brazil. With a market share of an enormous 21.8 percent, it was also the market leader in that much larger car market. In Brazil, the Strada, which is not available here, was the most popular model.

Fiat sold 542,000 cars throughout South America in 2023. So over half a million. That was more than 45,000 more than in 2022. In Brazil, Fiat sold no fewer than 140,200 hatchbacks and – hold on – 172,000 pickups. Fiat has two pick-ups on the menu. These are not Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado-like ones, but much smaller models: the Strada and the Toro. The Strada – a competitor of the Volkswagen Saviero – sold no fewer than 120,600 units. In any case, the Brazilian Fiat range is interesting. It sells countless models that we do not know in the Netherlands. We mention the Mobi, Argo, Cronos, Pulse, Fastback and the aforementioned Strada and Toro. It also sells the electric 500e there.

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