Old diesel cars are no longer welcome in Amsterdam from now on

Older diesel cars are no longer allowed into Amsterdam since Sunday. An environmental zone has been set up there that is in effect from today.

There was already an environmental zone in Amsterdam, but it has now been expanded considerably. Now, diesel of an emission class below class 4 is no longer allowed within the entire A10 ring road. In practice, this means that with a diesel car from before 2005 you are no longer welcome in the capital. Previously, the north side of the zone still ended at the IJ, but from now on the environmental zone also covers the area north of the IJ, up to the A10. Amsterdam already had an environmental zone intended for freight traffic, delivery vans and taxis. So now passenger cars are also included.

On its website, the municipality states that due to the corona crisis, enforcement is not yet immediately enforced, but from March 2021 drivers can expect a fine if they enter the zone with a diesel car that is not allowed there. In addition, there are a few specific exceptions within the environmental zone, where older diesels are still allowed. It concerns the Coen and Vlothaven, the opposite quay in the Mercuriushaven, the western part of the port area on the IJ bank in Amsterdam-Noord and the entrance to the P + R RAI and to the southern stand builder entrance at the RAI.

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