OMT and Swappie will be giving away an iPhone (valued at 359 euros) next week

It is March 18, 2023, a day known as World Recycling Day. Recycling old products is extremely important and we cannot emphasize that enough. That is why we are taking this opportunity to teach you something new together with Swappie and to give away a refurbished iPhone.

The reason we do this has to do with a number of misunderstandings. Consumers often do not see the great importance of handing in an old iPhone or Android smartphone. On the other hand, there is something negative about the term ‘refurbished’. Time to prove otherwise.

Swappie proves the usefulness of a refurbished iPhone

Swappie is really one of the parties in the Netherlands that offers refurbished telephones. The mission is therefore to find a qualitative and environmentally friendly way to make second-hand telephones a lot better.

It is a pity that there is a somewhat negative view of this issue in the Netherlands. A refurbished phone is quickly seen as the same as a second-hand phone. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but the quality is really considerably better.

Swappie and OMT are giving away refurbished iPhones because it's important.
(Image: Swappie)

A refurbished iPhone is more than a second-hand device in itself. In fact, it is actually as good as new. This has to do with the fact that important parts, such as the battery, may be replaced before an iPhone or Android phone finds its new owner and the device undergoes a thorough check of 52 points.

So think of it a bit like second-hand 2.0, but very well executed. It’s awesome.

World Recycling Day 2023

World Recycling Day 2023 is the ideal time to explain why this is so good. Because at first glance it seems, due to the transport and assembly, to be more environmentally unfriendly than purchasing a second-hand device.

What people usually forget, however, is that an iPhone or Android phone that has undergone the treatment lasts a lot longer than the model that was purchased second-hand. Which of course is caused by the newer parts.

Apple iPhone SE
Affordable and brand new. (Image: Apple)

If you compare the device with a brand new model, the difference seems to be clear. Of course, producing and shipping a new iPhone costs a lot more.

Swappie and OMT are giving away an iPhone

To highlight the importance of a refurbished iPhone, Swappie is coming up with a great promotion this week. The company gives consumers who trade in their old phone more money back. You can find more information about what this can mean for you on the website.

OMT can enjoy it by giving away a refurbished iPhone 2022 itself. Totally free. Yes, you read that right.

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Then send proof (a screenshot) of the fact that you have subscribed to our podcast to [email protected] We will announce the winner next Friday!

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