Honda Civic Type R – On the dynamometer

This time in On the dynamometer a Honda Civic Type R from 2018 with more than 300 hp on the front wheels. Leechfleane from Fryslân.

We’re seriously impressed with the new Honda Civic Type R, which was unveiled not too long ago. However, we had to swallow the price tag that the car now has. Look, then a used car offers the solution. This time in On the Dynamometer a Type R from 2018 with more than 300 hp on the front wheels.

Flying low

Of course, you can’t do anything with 300 hp, so owner Anne van der Ploeg went looking for a Civic that had been overhauled. He found that too. Right on time, a beautiful black Honda Civic Type R rolls onto the grounds of Beek Auto Racing in The Hague. That must be our Frisian delegation! The doors open and after owner Anne, Jesse, Bas, Sil and Libbe come out in succession. About half of all hardcore SC Heerenveen fans drove to the Residentie today for their performance in Op de Rollenbank. Driven? You can count on low flying from Friesland!

Coffee with orange cake

It is immediately even more fun at Beek when the Frisian delegation gets a lot of tasty merchandise from the spacious trunk of the Japanese hot hatch. First Anne lifts a square meter of orange cake from the car. “It is only real Frisian orange cake if there is cream on the roof,” he explains. Then there is a small bag with a bottle of Weduwe Joustra Beerenburg, a bag of Echte Fryske Dúmkes and a carton of Frisian sugar bread from De Bakkers van Verloop for dynamometer chef Ghisbert van Ginhoven, the photographer, the cameraman and your reporter. Who said that Frisians weren’t generous? The standard for being invited to a performance in Op de Rollenbank was also immediately tightened… When the coffee and cake is finished and the cream has been wiped away from the corners of the mouth, nostrils and eyebrows, it is high time for the Civic. Strap in, that runner!

Trade and hobby at the same time

Owner Anne comes across as a calm, cheerful, relaxed sixty-something, but is secretly a huge fan of fast stuff from the world brand Honda, made in Japan. “Yes, I actually like it so much that I want to carefully try trading in it. Look, the money in the bank doesn’t yield much, but if you can make some profit by purchasing and then selling fun toys like this, you will be useful and have fun,” Anne looks ahead. The Heerenveener now has two Civics Type R, both of the FK 2 model. “That is the nicest one, the previous one was a bit too loud,” says Anne. There’s more, because there are also two Honda S 2000s at home. “Both from the year 2000,” Anne beams. And then there is also a practical CR-V that serves as a jack of all trades for the Van der Ploeg family. So yes, they do have something to do with the brand there.

Fast camshaft profile

Now let’s see what the Type R performs. Ghisbert tightens things up and the fast camshaft profile of the VTEC engine has to get some serious work done again. All those efforts end up in a beautiful graph. The 400 hp barrier is a bit too high for this Civic, but with 391 hp and 532 Nm of torque, a satisfied Anne can handle it and will certainly be back in Heerenveen in time before the race starts.

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