OneDrive saves all versions of documents

one drive

If you save your documents in OneDrive, you will receive a gift. OneDrive does not throw anything away. This way you can view previous versions of your documents at any time.

Anyone who saves files in OneDrive automatically receives version history as a gift. This means that OneDrive keeps previous versions of documents on hand. You can view this via the site. You will of course only see previous versions if you have also created them. So when you have saved document and then edited one or more times.

To view document version history in OneDrive:

  • Go to the website of OneDrive.
  • Click on the top right To register.
  • Log in if you are not already logged in.
  • The main folder ‘My files’ opens. This is an overview of all files (possibly divided into folders) that you store in Onedrive.
    Right click on the document.
  • click on Version history.
  • At the top left is ‘Current version’ with the date on which this version was saved. Under ‘Older Versions’ are the dates of previous versions. Click on a date to open an older version.
  • Two options will appear below the date: Restore and Download.
    • click on To recover. The current version of the document changes to this earlier version.
    • click on To download. The version is saved on the computer. You can open, edit and save this document under a different name.

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