Opel Corsa: also petrol versions in the Yes offer

Both with and without mild-hybrid technology

Opel Corsa YesOpel Corsa YesOpel Corsa YesOpel Corsa YesOpel Corsa YesOpel Corsa Yes

Opel Corsa Yes

Earlier this year, Opel introduced a special version of the electric Corsa Electric: the Yes. This version now also finds its way to the Opel Corsa with petrol engines.

In February, Opel introduced a Yes version of the electric Corsa Electric. It is still there, but is no longer reserved for the Opel Corsa with an electric drivetrain. The Opel Corsa with a 100 hp 1.2 three-cylinder petrol engine and six-speed manual transmission and the Corsa Hybrid with a 100 hp mild-hybrid 1.2 and therefore with automatic transmission are now also available as Yes.

The Yes version has the standard equipment of the regular Edition entry-level version, supplemented with sports seats with half artificial leather upholstery and red stitching, a roof in Carbon Black, a model name written in black on the tailgate and the special paint color Rekord Red. The Corsa Yes also has 16-inch alloy wheels and they are also available in black.

The Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo – so the non-mild hybrid variant with manual gearbox – costs €24,499 and therefore costs exactly the same as the regular basic version: the Edition. The mild-hybrid Opel Corsa Hybrid is available as Yes from €26,329. The mild-hybrid Corsa Yes is therefore cheaper than the Edition (€27,499).

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