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Opel Corsa Electric

In 2021, Opel announced the electric rally version of the Corsa, then the Opel Corsa e-Rally. The car is now called Opel Corsa Rally Electric, it wears the new nose and gives Opel some insights into how this rolling rally testing ground fares in practice.

With the electric rally Corsa, Opel says it wants to investigate how and whether an electric drivetrain suits rallying. Opel does this with its own class, the Opel Electric Rally Cup, but there is also a specific test car that is used for more things. According to Opel, that car has now driven 13,000 kilometers. These are of course not just any kilometers, but kilometers that have largely been covered at high speed and often on rough surfaces. According to Opel, the results are very positive. All drive components, such as the battery, inverter and electric motor, are well suited to this heavy use. That is good news, because these parts are taken over unchanged from the road car. The 50 kWh battery has also been subjected to a degradation test and is said to still have 96 percent of its capacity. That is also good news, especially because the Corsas are often charged on location using a mobile fast charger. When it comes to speed, which is not unimportant in motorsport, the Corsa Electric does not disappoint either. Opel reports that the car can often keep up with the competition from the Rally5 class, while petrol cars usually have much more power.

In 2021 we were able to take an extensive look at the electric rally Corsa kitchen, so you can read more about this project here.

The Opel Corsa Rally Electric now not only carries the new name (just like the road car), but now also has the nose of the facelifted Corsa. This does not matter for the drivetrain: Opel still speaks of 50 kWh and 136 hp, while the regular Corsa Electric has now also been announced with a 156 hp engine and 51 kWh.

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