Opel Senator (1990) – Enthusiast Wanted

From an enthusiast, for an enthusiast

Opel Senator (1990) – Enthusiast WantedOpel Senator B Enthusiast WantedOpel Senator B Enthusiast WantedOpel Senator B Enthusiast WantedOpel Senator B Enthusiast Wanted

Opel Senator B Enthusiast Wanted

The Opel Senator A recently passed by in this section and now it’s time for the Senator B! Extra nice: it is for sale at a car company, but comes from an enthusiast – one who wrote a user review about it on our site. Will you be the next owner?

The Opel Senator B was a car based on a similar recipe to the Senator A: Opel chose to lengthen an existing model, equip it with bigger engines and give it a more awesome name. Based on the Omega A, the Senator B appeared in 1987, which logically showed strong similarities with the Omega A. Since 1978 (then in the form of the Senator A), the Senator was the upper Opel, the largest model of the brand, and only came with six-cylinder and rear-wheel drive. Incidentally, a beautiful coupé in the form of the Opel Monza appeared in 1978 on the basis of the Senator A.

Some smaller six-cylinder and two copies with a capacity of 3 liters. A 12-valve and a 24-valve. The 12-valve, as in this copy, produced 177 hp slightly less than the 204 hp of the 24-valve, but that should not spoil the fun. This is also apparent in practice, because in a user review about exactly this car, the previous owner writes that the 12-valve exceeds its manufacturer’s specifications: in 9.5 seconds the Senator shoots to 100 km / h if desired, while according to Opel it can reach 10 takes .3 seconds.

Opel Senator B Enthusiast Wanted

Cross-spoke wheels, spoiler and serious rear light party: this Senator is certainly thick and German.

The previous owner wrote a review about it!

Yes, the car we are highlighting today comes from someone who wrote a review about it on our site, so you can get some more information about the Opel. A look at the review shows that the previous owner is a real enthusiast of the model and gave it a lot of attention last year, but also that the Senator stood still for a long time. The reviewer gave it a second life, but sold it anyway; he ran into a copy with a 24-valve and that is his preference.

The Senator is now for sale at a car dealership in Breukelen for just under €7,000. About whether it’s worth it, wants AutoWeek user Maarten945571115 give his opinion. One thing is striking: in his review, in which he also discusses some maintenance and repairs, he speaks of a mileage of 150,000 and later 155,000 kilometers. The advertiser describes a position of about 133,000 kilometers, supported by photos. What exactly is going on here remains unclear for the time being, but it might be worth checking with the previous owner and/or the car company.

All in all, the odometer reading will not make much difference, because the state of the German top sedan is leading. And that is probably fine – otherwise Maarten would certainly not have invested in four new tires and shock absorbers from A brands last year. Are you going to try them?

Opel Senator B Enthusiast Wanted

The previous owner claims to have installed a Bosch battery, but we do not see it here.


– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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