Open and use Control Center on Apple TV

Use HomeKit accessories, open additional settings and switch between users

Since tvOS 13, the Apple TV also has a control panel. Via this shortcut menu, which we know from iOS and watchOS, you can easily and quickly access options and switch between multiple users on an Apple TV. Starting with tvOS 17, Apple has updated the control panel for Apple TV.

Unlike previous versions, the panel is now more clearly visible on the Apple TV home page. A bar is now visible at the top in which, in addition to the time, you also have direct access to profiles, HomeKit, audio and more.

Open Control Center on Apple TV

  1. Press the home button (TV icon ) on the remote control
  2. Keep this pressed
  3. After a few moments the control panel will appear
  4. Release the home button
Apple TV control panel

You can not only apply this to the physical remote control, but also via the Apple TV Remote app or shortcuts in the control panel of an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to press and hold the home button to consult the shortcuts menu on the TV.

Use tvOS control panel

When you activate the control panel, a row of tabs for controls and settings will appear at the top right of the screen. When the control panel is not open, a row appears instead of tabs status indicators on the home screen showing the current time, current user, and other important information.

The control panel gives you quick access to settings and controls that allow you to switch users, play music, control HomeKit cameras and scenes, turn off Apple TV, and set a sleep timer, among other things.

Set timer

You can set a timer using the Sleep Timer option. When it ends, the Apple TV will automatically go to sleep and turn off any paired devices.

Apple TV control panel with sleep timer

Change audio output

Finally, you have access to the audio output settings via the triangle with waves and you can consult the search function via the magnifying glass.

Multiple users

The TV also has multi-account support. You can add different users via the settings, so that everyone has their own tvOS environment. Unfortunately, this option is limited, but it’s a start. You can read here how to create multiple users. You can quickly switch users via the panel via the emoji, photo or initials.

Control HomeKit on an Apple TV

Since tvOS 14 you can also use the Home shortcut to activate HomeKit scenes and you can also view HomeKit cameras via this option.

Apple TV control panel with HomeKit cameras

Select the home icon in the panel to activate your favorite scenes and view your HomeKit cameras. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control specific devices via the panel.

Set do not disturb

With the ‘Do Not Disturb for Apple TV’ option it is possible to silence notifications related to HomeKit devices and applications.

Set up VPN

Since tvOS 17, you can also install VPN apps on the Apple TV to set up a secure connection. Handy if you take the Apple TV with you on holiday and use the public WiFi network. You can then quickly enable or disable VPN from the control panel.

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