Overland-E Gen2: electric all-rounder with enormous range

Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2Overland-E Gen2

This is the Overland-E Gen2, an electric buggy-like one. It comes in an on- and an off-road version and has an impressively large range.

Overland-E. We didn’t know it yet, but it is a (obviously) British manufacturer of a rugged-looking Beetle-based buggy, which you can build yourself or have Overland-E put together. Now, however, the company presents something much more serious, although you should not think of a medium-sized crossover for the business market. Like its predecessor MK1, the Gen2 is buggy-like, but looks much more modern and professional to begin with. According to its creators, it is a car newly designed from the ground up, although people prefer to use the term ‘all-terrain vehicle’.

The Gen2 looks compact, but according to the creators it has very impressive performance. For example, thanks to unspecified, but as newly described battery technology, it must have a range of no less than 750 miles, or more than 1,200 km. Very handy if you’re having fun ‘overlanding’. In addition, the Gen2 can carry up to 1,500 kg of belongings, whether or not on the specially designed roof. By the way, there are two versions: the Urban and the Explorer. The latter is clearly more extreme and also stands higher on the legs, while the Urban seems to be more geared to street use.

Overland-E Gen2


Overland-E Gen2


The Gen2 isn’t here yet, but Overland-E promises to provide regular updates on the development process in the coming months. Despite all the healthy skepticism a post like this evokes, Overland-E doesn’t seem like a pure bumblebee. The company is helped by Pario Ventures, an investor that is also involved in Sono Motors and Rivian, among others.

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