The Parkside PRR A1 is a cleaning sprayer with a rotating nozzle for cleaning all kinds of materials, objects and other outdoor items. Read here whether the Parkside PRR A1 is worth the money and which will be available in stores at Lidl from June 15.

First of all, the explanation why PC-Active places a review of an analogue device here, because PC-Active actually only tests hardware that connects to another device via an app, internet, Bluetooth or some other way? Well, for some time now I have been receiving requests from various readers and visitors to also discuss or test ‘analog’ devices. So I took the plunge and will be testing a number of Parkside devices in the near future. Parkside is a brand that is best known in the field of DIY and garden tools and whose products are sold at Lidl, among others. And the products are generally very affordable; also a consideration to discuss this, because I also regularly receive reactions about this. The first item discussed is the PRR A1 cleaning sprayer, a cleaning sprayer with a maximum of 4 bar and a rotating nozzle.

Parkside cleaning sprayer PRR A1
The Parkside cleaning sprayer PRR A1 is a sprayer that you connect to your (garden) hose and with which you can not only water your garden, but also all kinds of other materials, objects and other items outdoors such as your car. It has a full jet or an adjustable rotating jet, so that you do not damage your precious plants. The sprinkler looks like a kind of large water pistol, is approximately 16.5 x 6 x 20 cm and weighs about 300 grams (with batteries). With batteries indeed, which are included in the box, as you can see below:

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Parkside PRR A1 cleaning sprayer box batteries manual table online

Installing the batteries is easy by turning a ‘cap’ and then removing it:

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Install Parkside PRR A1 cleaning syringe batteries online

It fits easily in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape, the handle with a non-slip surface and the lockable trigger is also a plus. The PRR A1 is made of plastic and metal, is weather and UV resistant, sprays at a pressure of up to 4 bar and therefore has a so-called point jet and also a rotating jet as seen below

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Parkside PRR A1 cleaning sprayer point jet online

Parkside PRR A1 cleaning sprayer rotation jet online

Price and availability

The Parkside PRR A1 cleaning sprayer will be available for purchase from June 15 in Lidl stores, is also available online and has a recommended retail price of €6.99.

The Parkside cleaning sprayer PRR A1 is a handy (precision) sprayer that is easy to hold and easy to operate. It does its job properly and with its low price of € 6.99 it is an asset for cleaning all kinds of things and watering your border.

4 stars

Parkside cleaning sprayer PRR A1

+ easy to operate
+ Parkside click system is suitable for common hose systems
+ both point beam and rotating beam
+ price

– the pressure may be higher than 4 bar