Peugeot: End of 108 not yet in sight

Despite its relatively high age, the Peugeot 108 is still doing well enough for Peugeot. The French do not intend to take the car off the market quickly. A successor is, if necessary in the long run, anything but excluded. That is according to Peugeot or an EV.

In the compact segment, the Peugeot 108 is now quite a veteran. You see that reflected in the interior, the driving behavior, but also in the price. The latter is a big plus for the 108; you won’t find a cheaper new car. Apparently it is still bearing fruit; Peugeot sold its smallest in the Netherlands almost 8,500 times last year. A large part of this is of course reserved for private leasing. For the time being, the success does not seem to be going away.

Even though more and more brands see less benefit in A-segmenters because of the low profit margins, Peugeot continues to just keep going because of the sales success: “A few weeks ago we decided to keep the 108 in the range. This car is quite successful. We remain deliver the 108 until customers say, “we shouldn’t do this anymore,” said Peugeot boss Jean-Phillipe Imparato in conversation with AutoExpress. According to Imparato, the lower European CO2 standard cannot throw a spanner in the works either, because according to him, Peugeot will not get into trouble.

Nevertheless, Imparato indicates that a successor, as is also the case for the next Toyota Aygo and the Volkswagen ID.1, must be fully electric. “If the replacement is needed one day, then I see no other solution than a hundred percent EV,” the CEO says. With that it seems that anyway there is no successor no longer certainty, although Peugeot suggested a year ago differently. Whether Peugeot in that case also goes back with Citroën is still the question. The brand new Fiat 500E may offer possibilities if PSA and FCA merge, but according to Imparato that idea can only come to the table when the merger is complete.

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