Photo worth seeing: Nefertiti – the timeless icon

Cover Nefertiti - the timeless icon by Sebastian Conrad

In 1912, German archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Amarna: the bust of Queen Nefertiti. Even then, its timeless beauty was striking.

Nefertiti was not only the main wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, but also played an important political role in ancient Egypt. Together with her husband, she established the cult of the sun god Aton and banned the worship of other gods. But we know very little about her origins, her death and her true influence. As a woman, was she equal to her husband? And did she even rule as his successor after his death?

Her bust can now be admired in the Neues Museum in Berlin, but there has been a heated debate over its return for decades. Egypt considers it to be an important piece of the country’s cultural heritage.

In addition to her historical significance, it is above all Nefertiti’s beauty that continues to fascinate today and has made her an icon. Her perfect facial features, harmonious appearance and charisma have inspired numerous artists, writers and designers. Nefertiti has become a symbol of timeless aesthetics and elegance and has found her place in art history and pop culture.

The German historian Sebastian Conrad takes us into the world of ancient Egypt and lets us experience the captivating story of Nefertiti and her artistic sculpture. Eszter Bolla

Sebastian Conrad
The Queen – Nefertiti’s global career
Propyläen, 384 pages, € 29,–
ISBN 978-3-549-10074-5

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