Photo worth seeing: The world of language

Dogs can understand words for certain objects in a way similar to human language comprehension, a study suggests… more

Using video recordings of a small child’s everyday life, researchers taught an artificial intelligence the meaning of words. The study provides new insights into language acquisition… more

New neural connections form in adults’ brains when they learn a second language. The neural process is different than when learning your native language… more

Researchers have discovered a connection between the development of language characteristics and the environment: the climate influenced the loudness of certain speech sounds… more

Two new types of brain implants read directly from brain signals what paralyzed people want to say and, with the help of artificial intelligence, enable them to communicate almost naturally again… more

Scientists use linguistic, anatomical and genetic analyzes to explore the origins of human language. But how exactly can it be dated? And why can people even speak?… more

Linguists and developmental psychologists research how children learn to speak and what happens in their brains. Apparently complex processes take place even in infancy…. more

How did Indo-European languages ​​spread? A new linguistic study combines previous hypotheses and suggests that the language family is around 8,120 years old… more

Based on the neuronal signature in the brain, certain predictions are possible about which speech sounds a person is about to make, researchers report… more

New neural techniques build bridges between the brain and the body. Paraplegics can regain the use of their arms and hands, and people who are no longer able to speak can communicate again… more

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