Pocket printer from Action: now you can print anywhere (without ink!)

Do you always want to have a printer at hand, but not worry about cables and cartridges? Then the Action pocket printer is the solution! We have tested the gadget for you.

Plus points

  • Wireless

  • No ink required

  • Easy to take with you


  • Only black and white

  • No USB-C connection

Print without ink with the pocket printer

We now know that Action has a number of useful gadgets, but something has recently been added. The Fichero Mini Pocket Printer from Action is – as the name suggests – a small printer that is capable of printing notes and fun stickers. The small size allows you to take the printer with you everywhere, which is useful for lectures, working days at the office or when you are on the road.

View the pocket printer here

The Action pocket printer is mainly intended for printing small labels or lists. The biggest advantage of the device: you don’t need any ink! The printer uses heat to print text or symbols.

This means you never have to worry about an empty cartridge or ink that has to dry up. For only 29.95 euros If you already have the pocket printer at home, that does not include the 4.99 euro delivery costs. We have tested the small device for you!

pocket printer qr

This is what is in the box of the pocket printer

In the box of the pocket printer we naturally find the device itself, but also three different types of rolls of paper and the charging cable. With the different rolls you can print small and large stickers, or a note on normal paper. You can easily change these different types of paper, so that you can use the roll you need at any time.

To get started, all you need to do is download the free ‘Luck Jingle’ app. Then make sure that Bluetooth is turned on so that you can connect your iPhone to the pocket printer.

Doesn’t that work? You also have the option to connect via the QR code of the device. This will be printed automatically as soon as you turn on the printer. In practice, connecting is easy, we had no difficulties finding the pocket printer in the Bluetooth settings.

pocket printer labels

Printing: fast and wireless

Connecting the pocket printer to your iPhone is easy, so you can quickly print. In the app you have various examples of notes or labels to which you can add text yourself. We first used the device to print labels for the kitchen. This went very quickly, we added text to an empty text surface ourselves. In the app we could choose the font, size and thickness of the letters ourselves.

Once you have entered the text you can print the label immediately. The pocket printer works wirelessly, so you don’t have to constantly take a cable with you to print. The printing itself is very fast, you can print a number of labels within a minute. Very useful, because you are no longer dependent on a large (and often slower) printer.

You can also use the pocket printer to print lists or small drawings. Be careful, because the device can only print in black and white. We noticed that printing photos is a bit too much to ask, but simple drawings come out nicely from the printer. Do you still want to add color to your notes or drawings? Then you can always color them yourself with, for example, a marker.

In addition to printing drawings, the pocket printer is also very useful for printing return labels. The roll with the larger sticker sheets is perfect for sticking the return address on your package. This finally puts an end to the cutting and pasting work if you want to return a package!

pocket printer open

Conclusion: pocket printer absolutely worth the money

The Action pocket printer is highly recommended if you regularly have to print small labels or drawings. You can get the device at home for just 29.95 euros and you won’t have to spend any extra money on ink. For school it is useful to print small images for your notes, without having to wait for the ink to dry. At home you can use the pocket printer to print stickers or return labels.

The small size makes it easy to take the device with you everywhere. A major advantage is that the printer works wirelessly, so you are not dependent on a cable. We therefore recommend the pocket printer without a doubt, especially considering the low price. But beware: gone = gone!

View the pocket printer here

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