Police: new speed signs are leading

Because of all the corona news, you would almost forget that the maximum speed will be reduced in the first places tonight. To be clear, the police give one more warning: the new signs are leading!

Although the speed reduction to 100 km / h on the Dutch highways will only officially take effect next Monday, the new signs will be unveiled in the first places tonight. Because too many new signs have to be placed, Rijkswaterstaat already starts the immense job tonight. For the sake of clarity, the police now inform that the new speed limit is in effect from the moment the new sign is visible. “There cannot be two speed regimes on one road. So what is on the board is leading. ”

So we have to be careful, because on some roads the new speed limit will already apply from tomorrow morning. The new limit applies everywhere in the Netherlands from 6:00 am on Monday morning. The police say that they will not carry out extra checks when the new measure has taken effect. “We continue to monitor with the same capacity. Whether there is a limit of 120 kilometers or 100 kilometers, that does not matter for our enforcement ”, says Egbert-Jan van Hasselt, national infrastructure project manager. He does say that everyone should be sharp from tomorrow morning. “If a motorist on one of these roads drives too fast this weekend at the new speed limit, he will simply be fined.”

Van Hasselt is happy with the new measure. With an eye on the environment, but also on road safety. “Motorists are forced to drive slower, which reduces the speed difference with another motorist and gives people more time to react if, for example, they have to perform an evasive maneuver or slow down.”

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