Power Ford Fiesta ST boosted by Mountune

The Ford Fiesta ST is already pretty solidly endowed with its 200 hp, but that is of course always possible. Mountune, for whom Ford engines no longer have any secrets, knows how to do a bit better.

Power Ford Fiesta ST boosted by Mountune
Ford Fiesta ST 2020

We do not particularly classify the Ford Fiesta ST among cars that can use a power cure. With 200 horsepower, although the Ford is not in the lead in its hot hatch segment, it provides more than enough driving pleasure. That did not, of course, prevent Mountune tuners from releasing their work on the 1.5 EcoBoost. The three-cylinder pumps out 235 hp, 35 hp more than usual. The maximum torque after the approach by Mountune is 350 Nm.

Mountune also reports that the upgrade, made possible thanks to adapted engine software and a new intake system, ensures better exhaust noise. The ST’s launch control must also do its job better with it. But what it means for the 0-100 time, Mountune does not. The ST usually takes 6.7 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km / h. The upgrade costs just under € 700. Those who already have the previous upgrade to 225 hp can update the engine software for just under € 120 via the app from Mountune to reach 235 hp.

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