Practical consumption: is the Audi A1 (2010 – 2018) an economical choice?

Different approach than its predecessor

Audi A1

Although the Audi A1 actually succeeds the innovative A2 as the smallest model, the brand opted for a completely different approach. For example, the A1 does not use Audi’s special construction techniques and the economical ‘3l’ variant does not return. Nevertheless, the Audi A1 sells considerably better than the somewhat unusual A2 and it is now an interesting occasion. Is there still some of the frugal A2 nature in his genes? Time to dive into the AutoWeek Consumption Monitor.

Indeed, in this article we focus on the first generation Audi A1. It was delivered from 2010 to 2018 and was available with various engines that we know from other Audis and Volkswagens. For example, we see the well-known 1.2 TFSI (86 hp), 1.4 TFSIs (122 or 185 hp), the 1.8 TFSI (192 hp) and at the top of the range the 2.0 TFSI (231 hp) of the S1. After a facelift in 2015, the still current three-cylinder 1.0 TFSI with 95 hp was also delivered. Dieseling is possible with the 1.4 TDI and 1.6 TDI.

Consumption Audi A1 TFSI

First we take a closer look at the different TFSI models. To start with the 1.2, of which ten owners keep track of consumption. Their combined average is 1 in 15.1 (6.7 l/100 km). If we look at cars whose consumption has been tracked over a longer period of time, we see a consumption of 1 in 16.3 (6.1 l/100 km) for the most economical driver and 1 in 13.7 (7.3 l/100 km). km) for the least economical.

For the 1.4 TFSI, in this case variants with 122 hp, the average consumption is hardly higher at 1 in 14.9 (6.8 l/100 km). However, the peak upwards is more favorable, with a consumption of exactly 1 in 17 (5.9 l / 100 km) over a distance of more than 54,000 kilometers. The result of the least economical driver is credited to… AutoWeek itself with an endurance test consumption of 1 in 13 (7.7 l/100 km). This is not entirely representative, because the car is often used for trips abroad and as an assistance vehicle for photography and videography. Things that do not benefit consumption.

With the 1.0 TFSI, the four owners who keep track of consumption have not maintained this for long, so we cannot provide very representative figures. Yet it seems that this A1 is considerably more economical than the other versions, as evidenced by the average consumption of 1 in 16.4 (6.2 l / 100 km).

Diesel consumption A1 1.6 TDI

Finally, we take a look at the Audi A1 1.6 TDI, the diesel variant with 90 or 105 hp. With this, owners note an average consumption of 1 in 18.7 (5.4 l/100 km). The most economical driver barely breaks through the magical limit of 1 in 20 by driving 1 in 20.4 (4.9 l/100 km). The least economical A1 TDI in the Consumption Monitor with which a significant distance was covered drove about 20,000 kilometers with a consumption of 1 to 17.7 (5.7 l/100 km).

What conclusion can we draw? Everything Audi did to make the A2 an economical and efficient car has gone overboard with the A1. The A1 is not a very economical car, although the tide seems to have turned somewhat with the 1.0 TFSI. To put things in perspective: the Alfa Romeo MiTo and Mini Cooper are also not very careful with the expensive fuel.


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