Privacy theme week 2022: this is the complete overview

Privacy theme week 2022: this is the complete overview

Everyone has to deal with it, (online) privacy. But what exactly is privacy and how do products and services such as apps and smart security cameras deal with it? What about filming the public road with your smart doorbell and what health data do you give up if you have a Fitbit? Last week we took you through all kinds of articles full of apps, tips and advice about your privacy. These are them all in a row.

Your privacy is a fundamental right

Tips and background

  • Background: FIDO standard puts an end to passwords: is it also secure?
  • Background: Are all Chinese phones a threat to your privacy?
  • Background: 5 big tech companies: which ones really (not) protect your privacy?
  • Interview: Matter and why it is (not) the holy grail
  • Tip: Filming with a video doorbell on the public road: this is allowed and not
  • Tip: This is how you turn off your webcam and microphone on your phone and laptop
  • Tip: Public WiFi and why you should or shouldn’t use it
  • Tip: This is how you delete your Google Assistant conversations for more privacy
  • Tip: Use Google Maps incognito: this is how you turn on privacy mode
  • Tip: 4 simple tips to better secure your Android
  • Hint: Watch out! Thieves know via Strava where you live and if you are at home


  • News: Dashlane Examines Password Quality Worldwide
  • News: Google launches My Ad Center: Control over advertising
  • News: Police again ask citizens to share camera images
  • News: Free VPN service Pixel 7 (Pro) available at the end of this year

Best apps and games

  • Apps: 5 best social networking apps that respect your privacy
  • Apps: This app shows if other apps are secretly using your camera and microphone
  • Apps: 4 best VPN apps for your phone and why you need them
  • Apps: 4 Best Antivirus Apps for Android and Why You (Don’t) Want Them (2022)
  • Apps: Best privacy-friendly search engines
  • Apps: This app is the personal protector of your privacy

AW Poll

  • AW Poll: Privacy or Security? What do you think is more important?
  • AW Poll: 25% of readers think security is more important than privacy

Offers and buying tips

  • Deals: Guard your privacy with VPN Netherlands

What did you think of this theme week?

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Privacy theme week 2022: this is the complete overview

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