Quantum raises bid for Lamborghini after rejection

The Swiss Quantum Group is eager to get the reins at Lamborghini. The company is increasing its stakes after Audi indicated that Lamborghini is not for sale.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the still young and unknown Quantum Group from Switzerland is offering the Volkswagen Group € 7.5 billion for the acquisition of Lamborghini. Regardless of whether the offer was deemed realistic or not, Audi indicated not long after that that Lamborghini is not for sale. Apparently Quantum was not taken aback by this. Rea Starke, the man behind the company, is now docking Reuters that the bet is increased.

Stark states that it now wants to allocate ‘1 or 2 billion euros’ on top of the € 7.5 billion. That should benefit investments in Lamborghini and job guarantees for the employees of the Italian brand. “The reaction from Volkswagen and Audi was clear, we respect it. If there is room to negotiate, we are prepared,” said Stark, who, despite respecting Audi’s reaction, does not want to throw in the towel.

It seems unlikely that the Volkswagen Group will suddenly change tack. Perhaps, however, there is something in the barrel for Quantum in the form of an interest in Lamborghini. What Quantum wants with Lamborghini is not clear. Piëch Automotive’s plans for the future may play a role. Rea Stark founded this together with Ferdinand Piëch’s son Toni. That young company already managed to attract former Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller for a top position within Piëch Automotive and probably due to the late Piëch senior the line to Volkswagen is also quite short.

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