Quickly access recently used applications via the Dock on an Apple Watch

Since watchOS 10, only access to recent apps

The Dock has been a household name in the Apple landscape for years. Almost all devices use this bar, which gives you quick access to your favorites and/or active applications. You can consult the Dock not only on an iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, but also on the Apple Watch.

By default, the Dock for Apple Watch shows your recently used applications, but it is also possible to place your favorite apps there. Not only can you consult them easily, they will also load faster. This is because applications located in the Dock are refreshed in the background and automatically retrieve new data.

Access and use Dock on an Apple Watch

On an Apple Watch with watchOS 10 or later, you can open the Dock by pressing the Digital Crown twice in succession. Do you have watchOS 9 or earlier installed? Then you activate the dock by pressing the side button of the Apple Watch once.

By default, the Dock shows some recently used applications, these apps are automatically updated in the background and therefore load more than 40% faster. Swipe up or down to view the apps. Do you want to scroll quickly? Then scroll with the Digital Crown.

Show favorites in Dock on Apple Watch

The apps in the Dock always show the most recent information, but sometimes this still needs to be loaded briefly, which is especially noticeable with older Apple Watch models.

Add favorites apps to the Dock

watchOS 9 or older

When you activate the Dock, the most recently used apps are shown by default. If the watch runs watchOS 9 or older, it is possible to pin your favorite apps to the Dock. Since watchOS 10, only your recent apps are shown and you cannot adjust this.

  • Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone
  • Navigate to the ‘My Watch’ tab
  • Select the ‘Dock’ option
  • Choose ‘Favorites
  • Then tap ‘Change’ at the top

At the top are the applications that have already been added to the Dock, at the bottom under ‘Not included’ you will find the other applications. Tap the plus button for an app to add it to the Dock. You can change its position via the three horizontal stripes behind the app and thus organize the Dock. Please note, you can add a maximum of 10 apps to the Dock. You can delete apps using the red minus button.

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