Red Bull: ‘Bad weekend was not due to changed rules’

‘Handy for next year’

Max Verstappen Singapore F1 2023 (ANP)

Last weekend, adjusted rules came into effect in Formula 1 regarding the flexibility of certain parts. Red Bull suddenly performed very poorly, but according to team boss Christian Horner there is no connection between these matters.

The Red Bull Formula 1 team has had a race weekend to quickly forget. The team had been undefeated all year and suddenly it fell completely flat in Singapore and the team did not even reach the top 10 qualification with both cars for the first time since 2018. The poor form came at the same time as the introduction of new FIA rules regarding so-called ‘flexi wings’, overly flexible aerodynamic wings on the cars. There was also an extension of the regulations surrounding the floor, where some teams are said to have found a loophole in the law that has now been closed. Naturally, Red Bull is now suspected from various angles of having had an important advantage in precisely those points.

Team boss Christian Horner says so There is no misunderstanding: Red Bull is not affected by these changes. He states that ‘not a single part on the car has been changed’. According to Horner, the cause of the difficult weekend can be found in the preparation. The track has been changed (a new straight has been created and new asphalt has been laid) and this may not have been properly translated into the simulations prior to the race weekend. “That may not have led us to the right conclusions and you have to unravel that. We just didn’t get the car in the right window and that exposed some of the car’s shortcomings.” Horner therefore sees a positive point after an otherwise disappointing weekend: “It is actually very useful for the development of next year’s car.”

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