Red Bull Racing RB18 unveiled: new F1 car Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing RB18 F1 Car

Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing has unveiled the F1 car for the new season. The RB18 is a nice change from the previous car, the RB16B, with which Max Verstappen took his first world title.

The fact that the RB18 looks quite different from its predecessor despite the well-known color scheme, of course, has to do with the new regulations in Formula 1. The basic design of the cars has been overhauled for the 2022 season. The RB18 is therefore less complex in terms of aerodynamics on the car than the RB16B. The RB18 also looks a bit less angular than its predecessor. The front wing has a bit more of a point shape than before and there are larger ‘endplates‘ on. The rear wing is a bit more robust and rounded and the nose slopes up more gradually than on the RB16B. The wheels are also different: these are now 18-inch copies with a kind of hubcaps on them. Finally, it is noticeable that the name of the new title sponsor, Oracle, takes a prominent place on the side of the car.

We no longer see Honda logos on the car, even though Honda is still active in the background as Red Bull Racing’s engine supplier. The engine in the RB18 is basically the same as last year. So a 1.6-liter V6 from Honda, with an MGU-K (kinetic energy to electricity) and MGU-H (energy from heat) as electrical support. For this year, the power source had to be optimized for different petrol than before. Just like on the public road, E10 petrol will be leading. Reportedly, it has been quite a job for the engine suppliers in Formula 1 to be able to extract a comparable power from the engine despite the use of E10.

Red Bull Racing RB18 F1 Car

Undoubtedly, we still see a pretty ‘stripped-down’ version of the RB18 here. Usually the teams are nowhere near showing their backs when presenting the new Formula 1 cars. Count on the fact that during the winter tests in Barcelona and Bahrain there are already more wings on and especially under the car than now. Red Bull Racing previously hinted that a major update will then be prepared before the start of the season, in the weekend of March 18.

The expectations for the RB18 are high. Last year, Red Bull Racing had the strongest car since 2013, only the Mercedes-Benz team with the W12 still had just one edge for most of the season. This year not only does Max Verstappen hope to go for the title again, but just now, the fully Oracle Red Bull Racing team also wants to win the constructors’ title for the first time since 2013. For that, Red Bull Racing not only needs a better car than last year, but also Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez will have to step up. Last year he had a hard time hooking up with the top three.

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