Redesign coming for macOS 15: this is going to change

Not only iOS is rumored to be getting a new look, MacOS 15 is also getting a redesign. These will be the changes.

Redesign coming for macOS 15: this is going to change

Apple’s next WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is scheduled for June 10, 2024. Then we should also get the first look of iOS 18 and the latest version of macOS 15. Just as is the case with iOS 18, there will be expect macOS 15 to get a redesign. But what will change?

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According to a message on AppleInsider the System Settings app is getting one of the biggest changes. In MacOS Venture, the app already had a new look that resembled the Settings app on the iPhone and iPad. That resulted in many complaints from various Mac users. Apple is now going to change the settings app again. But this will probably mainly be to align the appearance with the upcoming operating system on the iPhone: iOS 18.

With the redesign of macOS 15, Apple will again tinker with the various options. According to rumors, there will be a system at the institutions that will sort the options by ‘priority’. Things like notifications and sound options are therefore placed lower on the list. The general settings move up a bit, and then appear somewhere below the network settings.

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Apple is also planning to give Siri a new look. The icon in the menu bar will then become monochrome and the current colorful dot will disappear. Furthermore, the calculator in macOS 15 will be redesigned so that it looks more like its iOS brother and Safari will also receive a few new adjustments. In addition, AirDrop will get a more modern look and iCloud will soon have new menu options.

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