Renault Austral ready for debut

Renault AustralRenault AustralRenault AustralRenault Austral spyshotsRenault Austral spyshotsRenault Austral illustrationRenault Austral illustration

Renault will soon be pulling the curtain on the Austral, a new SUV that should make the Kadjar forget. The car will make its public debut on March 8, but before that, Renault will share a final design sketch of the newcomer.

The Renault Kadjar is leaving this year and it is the brand new Austral that takes over from that car. Renault has already shown several photos of camouflaged test specimens of the SUV and, after a design sketch of the interior, is now also releasing a digital drawing of the exterior that shows what you can expect from the Renault Austral.

The Austral is clearly recognizable as a Renault, especially thanks to the C-shaped extensions of the headlight units. At the top of the grille is a horizontal line that continues visually through the viewers and is interrupted by the new, more 2D-esque Renault wyber dubbed ‘Nouvel R’. The nod in the shoulder line between the C- and D-pillars seems to be filled in with a chrome-colored ornament.

Renault Austral illustration

Renault Austral (illustration, preview)

Compared to predecessor Kadjar, the Renault Austral grows in length by about 2 centimeters to 4.51 meters. The Austral is therefore about 8 centimeters longer than the Nissan Qashqai with which it shares its technical basis. However, that does not mean that the Austral will be available with identical powertrains. It is in fact quite conceivable that Nissan will keep the ePower drivetrain for the Qashqai. We do know that the Austral will come on the market with two mild-hybrid powertrains and that a full-fledged E-Tech powertrain will also be coming to the model. There will be no electric variant, Renault has an electric model separate from the Austral in the barrel. It is possible that the Austral with a plug-in hybrid powertrain will be available, the Captur and the M├ęgane are, after all.

On March 8, the Renault Austral will make its public debut and all the gaps in the Austral story will be filled.

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