Researched: Now is the best time to buy a new iPhone

Are you still looking for a new iPhone? Then you may wonder when you can do that best. Now is the best time to buy a new iPhone!

When to buy a new iPhone?

Are you still looking for a new iPhone, but are you unsure when you can best buy the phone? The prices of the new iPhones change quite often. It is of course very annoying if you have just bought a new phone, and the price has dropped enormously not long after your purchase.

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iPhoned has therefore examined the prices of iPhones in recent years. Are you curious at what time the iPhones are the cheapest? And at what point should you absolutely not buy an iPhone? Then read on quickly!

iPhone 13 prices
The prices of the iPhone 13 range from October 2021 to January 2023.

iPhone Pro prices differ more

Striking in the overview of the prices of the iPhone 13: the prices of the more expensive iPhone 13 Pro (Max) vary much more. The prices of the regular iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini actually remain fairly stable throughout the year, but this is not the case at all with the Pro models. Around the holidays and January, a clear peak can be seen in the prices of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max).

This is of course not surprising: a new iPhone is a very popular Christmas gift. So are you planning to buy a new phone for the holidays? Then buy the phone well in advance, so that you are sure that you do not have the highest price. In any case, something before or just after the holidays is not the time to buy a new iPhone.

You’re in the right place during the summer months

We see the same with the iPhone 12, here too the price of the Pro models fluctuates much more. The prices of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are much more stable, with a small peak around the holidays. It is striking that the price of the iPhone 12 Pro (Max) also increased around the beginning of the summer.

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A trend that we see with both the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 12 series is that prices are best during the summer months. Prices are generally the most stable and lowest in the summer. So if there’s a time to buy a new iPhone, it’s summer.

Around August, if we look at the figures of recent years, you pay the least money for a new iPhone. That can be explained: in September, Apple traditionally organizes an iPhone event, in which the latest models are announced. Shortly before the launch, retailers want to get rid of their stock, resulting in price reductions.

iPhone 12 prices
The prices of the iPhone 12 range from January 2021 to January 2023.

Buying a new iPhone?

It is therefore best to buy a new iPhone in the summer, when you can quickly save almost 200 euros on a new device. We do see that the price drop often starts from January, making spring already a favorable time to buy a new iPhone. So can’t you wait until August to buy a new phone? Then check the best prices from now in our price comparison:

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