Robert Koch, as his wife saw him

Robert_Koch_and_wife,_1908._German_physician_and_microbiologist_Robert_Koch_(1843-1910)_is_considered,_together_with_Pasteur,_as_the_founder_of_modern_medical_bacteriology._He_devised_new_techniques_such_as_the_use_of_dyes_to_stain_bacteria_and_the_use_of _agar_gel_to_grow_cultures_of_bacilli._He_isolated_many_bacteria_responsible_for_major_diseases_such_as_anthrax,_cholera_and_tuberculosis._In_1905_he_was_awarded_the_Nobel_Prize_in_Physiology_or_Medicine._Koch_married_his_second_wife,_Hedwig_Frei berg,_in_1893._This_1908_photograph_is_from_the_Bain_News_Service,_one_of_the_USA's_earliest_news_picture_libraries.

How did Hedwig Koch (here with Robert Koch in a photograph from 1908) look back on her marriage?
AKG/Science Photo Library

Robert Koch was one of Germany's most outstanding scientists. The memoirs of his second wife reveal an unknown side of the researcher.

“I also saw this lonely Robert Koch in his laboratory, bending over the painful bed of poor, defenseless animals cut open alive, suffering without a name, in the silent night in theirs

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