Russia demands that Google block YouTube content about invading Ukraine

Russia demands that Google block YouTube content about invading Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is in full swing. The internet has become an important player in this, because the rest of the world can see exactly what is happening there. However, Russia is now demanding that Google block content about the war in Ukraine on YouTube.

The powerful role of the Internet

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for several days now. The Russian attack is very reminiscent of similar events in the past, but there is one element that sets this war apart from the rest: the role of the Internet. The internet has a powerful role in shaping current events. From people who saw on Google Maps that the Russians crossed the border into Ukraine with many military vehicles, to large technology companies that stop selling products and limit the use of their services. Facebook, Apple and Google have all become players in this crisis that does not just happen physically

The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia is insisting that YouTube stop displaying what it calls “political disinformation” about Ukraine. This request makes it seem like Russia wants to get their hands on the story of the invasion. That way, they can twist information to work in their favor and make them look like the “good guys,” according to WSJ. Russia claims that YouTube is offering videos as part of an extensive advertising campaign to “misinform the Russian public”. The videos are said to be intended to influence the public’s view of the news and thus play a role in protests against Russia.

Online propaganda

Russia finds the use of YouTube in the “information war” against Russia “unacceptable” and threatens to completely block Google’s video service. Russia also wants Google to make the YouTube channels for their propaganda channels RT and Sputnik available again in Europe. These channels were quickly blocked after the invasion. Google has not yet responded to Russia’s request, but it seems unlikely that the company will agree. After all, no major social media or entertainment site can afford to keep going as normal.

Russia demands that Google block YouTube content about invading Ukraine

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