Safely enter the autumn with a well-maintained car

Safely enter the autumn with a well-maintained car

A well-maintained car drives better and is safer on the road. That safety starts with you as a driver, but is also determined by the state of the technology. Because no matter how well you drive, the grip on worn tires quickly disappears and with wiper blades that look more like stripe cleaners, you suddenly see a lot less. Every reason to have your car regularly checked by the professionals at Carprof.

Be honest: do you know exactly how many millimeters of tread left on your car’s tires? Or how thick the brake pads still are? Hopefully you don’t find out when you have to make an emergency stop on a wet road, then it may be too late. Maintenance is preservation, that certainly applies to a car. Not only because parts such as tires, brakes and wiper blades wear out, but also because you always want to get into a fit car. Whether it is petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid; maintenance is vital. With the dark and wet seasons approaching, perhaps more so than ever.

Make an appointment on time, it will be busy

Of course you don’t want to pay too much for maintenance, but you also want good quality, friendly service and knowing in advance what you are paying. At Carprof this is all very self-evident. That is why you get a two-year warranty on repairs and if you have a young car, the factory warranty is retained. If your car is due for maintenance or MOT now or in the coming months, make an appointment today so you can be sure that it will be your turn on time.

Customer rating: a 9.5
Modesty is a good thing, but we can proudly say that the average rating our customers give to Carprof is 9.5, based on more than 31,000 reviews.

Carprof supports the Victim Support Fund and Safe Traffic Netherlands

The fact that Carprof takes road safety seriously is evident not only from the top care for every car, but also from the financial support for the Victim Support Fund and Safe Traffic Netherlands. Carprof donates €0.50 per MOT and thus supports TrafVic-Kids, which is involved in scientific research and specialist assistance to young road victims. In the period from 2020 to now, Carprof donated more than €126,000.

That’s why you choose Carprof

  • Maintenance and repair of cars of all makes and ages
  • Dealer quality for the best price
  • 24 months warranty on repairs and labor
  • Retention of manufacturer’s warranty
  • A-brand parts of original quality
  • Modern (readout) equipment and data
  • Quotation in advance, clear price agreements
  • 24/7 European roadside assistance
  • Professional and well-trained staff
  • Friendly and neat service

Make an appointment on time. Click here for a Carprof branch near you.

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