Safety tips for your iPhone

Have you just got a new iPhone? Then of course you want to protect it at all costs. Not only physically, by using a case and protective plate, but also software. Even though Apple has things in order when it comes to security, it can still happen that third parties can access sensitive information.

This has not so much to do with Apple itself, but in almost all cases with the user. Partly for this reason, we have a number of tips for you with which you can secure your new iPhone and therefore not have to worry that something could happen.

Be careful with unknown apps

We are of course all familiar with the App Store, where you can download various applications that you can then use to make life just a little bit easier. However, it is important that you do not just download everything, as this can cause major problems. So always make sure that you only do this via the official Apple App Store itself and that you do not open any suspicious links that you receive via email or in any other way.

Use a VPN on public networks

On public WiFi networks you run the risk of your data being intercepted by malicious parties. So use one VPN to encrypt all your internet traffic and better protect your privacy. We don’t always think about it, but when you are connected to the internet via a public WiFi network, there is a chance that your personal data could be intercepted, with all the consequences that entails. Now they won’t just empty your bank account, but they can find out passwords or other important information. So be careful!

Keep your software up to date

It sounds so obvious, but we still see that not everyone updates their iPhone. Now we really understand that you don’t always feel like it, especially not when you are just doing something. However, it is important to get used to this. If necessary, do this at night. Nowadays, Apple gives you the option to postpone an update until a later time, but it is a good idea to check this regularly. Apple not only carries out updates for improvements, but also to resolve security holes.

automatic updates

Access code and face ID

Of course, everything depends on how you access your phone. To our great surprise, not everyone uses a good code, let alone Face ID. Therefore, do not only choose a code that is difficult to guess, but also make sure that you use the ‘Face ID’ option. This ensures that someone who wants to gain access to your iPhone cannot do so without first having your face scanned. You don’t want someone to be able to snoop in your data once they have found your phone.

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