‘Samsung does not solve this problem of Galaxy S22 with the S23’

'Samsung does not solve this problem of Galaxy S22 with the S23'

According to a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will have a larger battery. Good news you will think, but it is a bit disappointing. The S23 will, according to this report, get a battery that is five percent larger. What exactly can we expect?

Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will be the successor to the Galaxy S22 and thus forms the base model of the new S-series from Samsung. In addition to this ‘normal’ S23, the S-series will again consist of three devices next year, the 23, S23+ and the S23 Ultra. More is known about the latter in particular. According to rumors, the Samsung flagship will have a 200 MP camera and the same telephoto lenses as its two predecessors, the S21 and S22 Ultra.

So far, not much has been leaked about the ‘normal’ Galaxy S23. Until now, in a report specifications have surfaced of the battery of the device. According to this report, the S23 will have a slightly larger battery. The percentage of this battery will increase by five percent.

3900 mAh battery

This means that the Galaxy S23 will have to have a 3885 mAh battery. This will probably come down to a 3900 mAh one. The Galaxy S22 had a 3700 mAh battery. In the review of our AW Béta tester Leon, it lasted just under a day, which is not a very good result. The slight increase in the battery percentage will probably not bring any major improvements. Unless the processor in the S22 series will be a lot more energy efficient. However, Samsung also promised us this last year, but in practice this did not really come to the fore. The basic model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 already had the same problem.

According to the same report, the S23+ will also have a larger battery compared to its predecessor. It will go up by 200 mAh, from 4500 to 4700 mAh. We were moderately positive about the battery of the S22+. You can read more about this in our review. In addition, we found it a pity that the S22 + still could not charge really fast. The hope is that Samsung will finally start fast charging with at least 65W. It is not yet known whether Samsung will do this with the S23 series.

'Samsung Galaxy S23 hardly gets a bigger battery'

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