Samsung reveals the biggest iPhone 16 news (iPhone news week #27)

Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, has inadvertently revealed a major new feature of the iPhone 16. This and more was the Apple and iPhone news this week!

iPhone 16 Pro gets new screen type from Samsung (with these improvements)

iPhone 17 new screen

Apple is releasing the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max this year, which will reportedly feature an all-new display. These are rumored to be the first iPhones to feature Samsung’s M14 OLED display.

The company has produced M displays for high-end phones before, but it has not released an M14 screen before. The iPhone 16 Pro (Max) is the first device to feature this OLED display.

These are the benefits of this

Apple Watch Ultra 3 is coming (with these features)

apple watch ultra 3

In 2022, Apple released its first Apple Watch Ultra. The smartwatch features advanced features such as mountain climbing, deep-sea diving and a larger display.

Last year, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 was released, with the biggest change being a brighter display and a new chip. It is expected that we will see the Apple Watch Ultra 3 in September with a number of new features.

We expect these features

European payment system Wero has been launched (and will soon replace iDeal)


It has been known for some time that the new European payment system Wero (a contraction of ‘We’ and ‘Euro’) is coming. Since July 1, it has been launched in Belgium, France and Germany. What can this alternative to PayPal, Klarna and Tikkie do? And when will it come to the Netherlands? We will give you an update.

This is why Wero will soon replace iDeal

iOS 18 Secret Feature: Google Gemini as a Big Surprise in September?

iOS 18 gemini

With iOS 18, Apple is fully committed to artificial intelligence. Almost all Apple apps are being expanded with Apple Intelligence, the company’s new technology. You’ll get a handy writing aid and Siri will become much smarter.

Apple’s voice assistant is being expanded with advanced language models, which Apple can use through its collaboration with OpenAI. This gives Siri direct access to ChatGPT. But according to rumors, it doesn’t stop there, because Google Gemini may also come to iOS 18!

How likely is that?

All iPhone 16 models will get an A18 chip (and that’s a very important thing)

iPhone 16 A18 chip

Apple is currently working hard on the iPhone 16, which will be presented in September. The ‘normal’ iPhones will again get a number of functions from the iPhone 15 Pro this year, such as the action button coming to the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus.

According to new rumors, that’s not the only change, because all iPhones will get a new chip this year. The entire iPhone 16 series will run on the A18 chip.

This is why it is extra important

Unfortunately: the design of the Apple Watch Series 10 will not be spectacular after all

apple watch x concept blood pressure monitor

Apple is celebrating an anniversary this year, as it has been ten years since the first Apple Watch was announced. Expectations for the Apple Watch Series 10 (or Apple Watch X) are therefore high.

Rumors were that the smartwatch would be getting some major changes this year, including a completely new design. Now it seems that the design of the Apple Watch Series 10 will not be drastically changed after all.

But why not?

Buying a new iPhone? This tip will save you hundreds of euros

buy new iPhone

The most recent iPhone series is the 15, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the top device. If you plan on buying an iPhone from the 15 series, you will still have to pay a considerable amount for it.

Do you also want more storage space? Then you will spend even more money. That is why it is often wise to save on storage space when you are going to buy an iPhone. Usually the iPhone with the least storage space is more than enough and it is cheaper.

We’ll explain it to you

These Apple devices won’t get Apple Intelligence (here’s why)

iOS 18 EU

At WWDC 2024, Apple Intelligence was unveiled, Apple’s latest technology that works with artificial intelligence. Almost all Apple apps are expanded with Apple Intelligence, so you get a standard writing aid to rewrite and summarize texts.

In addition, Siri is becoming much smarter, through integration with ChatGPT and support for advanced (written) commands. However, that requires a lot of processing power, which is why not all iPhones will be Apple-intelligent.

This is the list

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