Samsung, Cheil Benelux, Elitac Wearables, Bruut Amsterdam and sneaker designer Roel van Hoff are jointly developing the Shortcut Sneaker with which you can operate your phone while dancing. And you can win this one!

Samsung is launching a striking sneaker with the Shortcut Sneaker in collaboration with Cheil Benelux, Elitac Wearables, Bruut Amsterdam, and sneaker designer Roel van Hoff. With different gestures you can perform certain actions on your phone. The concept was developed to make life not only more efficient, but also more fun. Check out the video of the Samsung Shortcut Sneaker here.

Move your feet to control your phone
The concept is simple: do a certain move with your sneakers and your Samsung phone responds. The different movements correspond to actions on your phone. For example, you can make phone calls or play music with the moonwalk by dancing. Samsung developed this Limited Edition sneaker especially for its Members fan base: a world’s first gadget, of which only six pairs exist.

Galaxy design
Sneaker designer Roel van Hoff created a unique design, inspired by the Galaxy and the universe. The shoe contains materials that are reminiscent of meteorites and supernovae with their own textures and colors. Every detail of the sneaker refers to Samsung’s Galaxy products.

There are motion sensors in the sole of the sneakers that continuously track the position in relation to each other. Five unique movements with the shoes on trigger five shortcuts. By having as many people as possible perform the dances hundreds of times, the algorithm becomes smarter and the motion recognition more accurate.

“With technology, life becomes more fun, funnier, more magical,” says Gerben van Walt Meijer, Marketing Manager Mobile eXperiences at Samsung Netherlands. “Samsung not only creates innovation to make life more efficient, but above all to enrich it. With a wink we launch the sneaker of the future: the Shortcut Sneaker. The sneaker that allows you to control your phone by moving”
Tim de Waard and Daniël Samama, Creative Directors Cheil Benelux: “If Samsung makes a sneaker, we owe it to our stand to put innovation into it. Roel van Hoff’s design makes it a special sneaker anyway, but in combination with this technology we have managed to create something that the loyal Samsung community will hopefully love. Quite unique: the first sneaker in the world with which you can call your friends.”

Have a chance to win these exclusive sneakers
To get the exclusive sneakers, you must be or become a member of Samsung Members. Participating in the competition is possible until July 9, 2024 and the winners will be announced in the week of July 15, 2024.

Samsung Shortcut Sneaker