Save on your energy costs with the 3 best smart thermostats (ADV)

Worried about energy costs this winter? With these tink offers from December 2022 you save money and it stays nice and warm at home when you want it!

Saving energy costs: the 3 best smart thermostats

The winter temperatures have really arrived and that means it’s time to turn on the heating at home again. To prevent you from having to pay completely blue on the energy bill, it is wise to look at a smart thermostat or smart radiator valves now.

Not only is it wise to look at a smart thermostat now, it’s also the perfect time to buy one! At tink you get up to 50 percent discount on smart home products from brands such as tado, Google Nest and Bosch Smart Home. A nice gift just before the holidays!

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Big advantage of smart thermostats: energy savings

With a smart thermostat you save a lot of money on your energy bill and your house is nice and warm when you want it. For example, this thermostat automatically lowers your heating slightly after you’ve gone to bed. Or you only turn on the heating when you almost get home, so that the heating does not have to be on all day!

And the beautiful thing is? A smart thermostat can also be set automatically, so you don’t have to manually adjust the temperature every time you leave or come home. Then it’s nice and warm when you’re home and you don’t waste energy when you’re not there. iPhoned has listed the three best smart thermostats for you from the tink offers in December 2022!

1. tado° Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

tado starter kit 4-pack

The tado° Smart Home Starter Kit comes with six radiator knobs, one room thermostat and a Bridge, with which you have complete control of the temperature at home. With this amount of radiator knobs you can easily set the temperature per room, especially with the time schedules that can be set. The thermostat knows when you’re coming home and then quickly raises the temperature for you. An easy way to save energy!

Do you think six radiator knobs are a bit too much? Then there is also a Starter Kit available with only four buttons:

  • tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit with 6-pack Radiator Thermostats – from 669.98 euros to 459.95 euros
  • tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit with 4-pack Radiator Thermostats – from 569.98 euros to 439.95 euros

2. Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen. 3) + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2)

Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Nest Hub

With the Google Nest Learning Thermostat you get a very smart thermostat at home. The thermostat learns from you with the Auto-Schedule and then programs itself based on your schedule. For example, the thermostat switches on or off automatically based on your daily routine. Via the Google Nest Hub you can control all your devices from one place, even via voice control! For the Google Nest Learning Thermostat + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2) you temporarily do not pay 348.99 euros, but 269.95 euros.

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3. Bosch Smart Home Controller + Room thermostat + 5x Radiator thermostat II

Bosch Smart Home Controller + Room thermostat + 5x Radiator thermostat II

With the Bosch Smart Home Controller package you always have a pleasant temperature at home. The package comes with a smart thermostat and five radiator knobs, so you can easily adjust the temperature in all your rooms. With the free application it is possible to fully automate the heating process with the smart thermostats, so that you no longer have to worry about it. This way you save both energy and time! So you don’t pay 569.65 euros for this combination, but only 459.95 euros. So you save almost 110 euros.

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There are even more tink offers running until January 5, 2023! For example, Mariah Carey sounds best with the Google Nest Audio Stereo Set and the Philips Hue lamps provide the best atmosphere at the annual Christmas dinner. Do you want to make sure we get a white Christmas this year? Then check the Netatmo Premium Set Weather Station for the most accurate weather forecasts!

In addition to the above offers, tink therefore has many more deals to make your home smarter.

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