Save on your energy costs with the 5 best smart thermostats

The energy bill is getting higher and higher and you are losing more and more money to keep your house a little warm. With these smart thermostats you save money and it stays nice and warm in the house when you want it!

Saving energy costs: the 5 best smart thermostats

We are also still in the late summer, winter often comes sooner than you think. To prevent you from having to pay completely blue on the energy bill, it is wise to look at a smart thermostat now.

tado smart thermostat starter kit

With a smart thermostat you save quite a bit of money on your energy bill and your house is nice and warm when you want it. This thermostat can automatically turn your heating down a little after you’ve gone to bed. And the beautiful thing is? The thermostat then automatically turns the heating up a little bit an hour before you get up. Then it is nice and warm again when you walk down.

These smart thermostats come in different shapes and sizes. They come with an app and can even be controlled from Apple’s HomeKit. Are you also looking for such a smart thermostat? Good news: iPhoned has listed the three best smart thermostats for you!

A small tip: with some of these smart thermostats you need a converter for certain central heating boilers. This is always stated in the description on the website where you are going to buy the smart thermostats. Therefore, always first check whether the thermostat is suitable for the boiler in your house.

1. tado° Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

Tado thermostat

The Thermostat Starter Kit from tado° is a good kit to start with. It works with almost all heating systems. In addition, this kit also has support for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

With the tado app you can control this smart thermostat. You can then adjust the temperature in multiple rooms at the same time from the app. Via your iPhone, tado’s smart thermostat also knows when you are near your home (by means of geofencing). He can then turn the heating up a bit for you. You do need a subscription for that.

Buy tado° Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ at:

  • Coolblue – 189.99 euros
  • tink – 209.95 euros

2. Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Thermostat

honeywell smart thermostat

The Honeywell Lyric T6 works with schedules so that your house is always warm when needed, and the temperature can be lowered again when you are not at home, for example. Of course you can adjust these schedules entirely to your liking via the Lyrica app on your iPhone.

This Honeywell also has geofencing so that you know the system when you leave home, so that the heating can be turned down a bit. It also supports Apple HomeKit with Siri voice control, which of course makes it much easier to adjust the temperature in your home.

Buy Honeywell Lyric T6 smart thermostat at:

  • – 189.99 euros
  • Amazon – 185 euros

3. Netatmo Thermostat

netatmo smart thermostat

The Netatmo learns from your daily living habits and adjusts the program accordingly. It even knows when is the best time to turn your heating on (or lower).

With the accompanying app you can control the heating remotely on your iPhone or iPad. You can set temperatures per day or opt for a weekly program. There’s an away mode and changes in temperature are recorded so you can jump in on that. The Netatmo smart thermostat has support for all known voice assistants, including Siri.

You can buy Netatmo smart thermostat at:

  • tink – 159.95 euros
  • – 159.99 euros

4. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

google nest

Google’s smart thermostat learns from your living habits (and adjusting the temperature). As a result, the thermostat knows accurately when the temperature can be a little lower (or perhaps a little higher).

You can also clearly see your energy consumption, so that you always know whether you have used less energy this time. Every month you get a clear overview of your consumption. This way you know exactly what you have to spend on energy costs each month. The smart thermostat has a large and clear screen with the time and temperature. Also nice: it lights up when you enter.

You can buy Google Nest Learning thermostat at:

  • MediaMarkt – 199 euros
  • Coolblue – 199 euros
  • Amazon – 199 euros

5. Bosch EasyControl CT200 (Wired)

bosch smart thermostat

You can also operate the Bosch EasyControl CT200 with an app so that you can easily set the heating remotely. The thermostat also controls several thermostat buttons and a maximum of 1 underfloor heating zone. Geofencing is also part of this thermostat, so that the temperature is automatically lowered when you leave home.

In the app you can see how much energy you have used recently and you can control it with Google Assistant, Alexa and via IFTTT.

You can buy Bosch EasyControl CT200 at:

  • Amazon – 235 euros
  • Coolblue – 269 euros

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