Scoop of Chinese Aiways misses Geneva due to corona

The Chinese Aiways would turn out big next week in Geneva with a new concept car. However, COVID-19 (the corona virus) is throwing a spanner in the works, as the car does not arrive in Switzerland on time.

Paris, Tenerife, Italy; the coronavirus has been controlling the world for a long time now. Significant precautions are also being taken in Geneva. For the Chinese car brand Aiways, however, the corona virus already has major consequences, because the brand is unable to ship its major scoop on time. It is about the U6ion: the harbinger of a sporty coupé-signed SUV.

This is Aiways ’second and also fully electric model. However, the European version of Aiways is experiencing its first model, the U5, a public debut in Geneva. The U6ion is “presented in an alternative way”. In addition, Aiways announces more about its worldwide sales plans during the press conference.

Aiways showed up at a different trade show last September. Then engineers drove the electric car all the way from China to our continent to show the car at the IAA in Frankfurt. We then rode a stage with them.

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