Second-hand petrol cars have never been as expensive as they are now

Hatchback wins over the station wagon

Volkswagen Golf Opel Astra second hand

Used petrol cars have never been as expensive on average as they are now. This is evident from the monthly market report of Automotive Mediaventions, the parent company of and Autotrack.

This year and last year, the average asking price of second-hand cars offered on used car platforms regularly rose to a new record high. The market report from Automotive Mediaventions for the month of September also shows that the average asking price of all second-hand cars offered on and Autotrack is high, but – fortunately – this did not reach a new record. However, second-hand petrol cars have never been as expensive as they are now.

The average asking price for a second-hand car with a petrol engine offered on and Autotrack was €19,521 last month. That is almost €3,000 more than in September last year. This is a percentage increase of 18 percent. The average price of a used car offered on these two sales platforms – not just petrol cars – was €23,654 in September. The average search price was more than €4,000 below this at €19,532.

Most searched brands and models

The top 10 of the most searched brands on and Autotrack were hardly different in September than in previous months. In 10.6 percent of the searches, a specific search was made for a used Volkswagen. This makes that brand the most popular brand on the two sales platforms, followed by Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Volkswagen Golf was again the most searched for model, followed by the Polo and the BMW 3-series.

Top 10 Most Searched Brands – September 2023

Brand Share in searches
1 Volkswagen 10.4%
2 Audi 8.5%
3 BMW 8.0%
4 Mercedes Benz 6.4%
5 Ford 5.5%
6 Toyota 5.3%
7 Volvo 4.4%
8 Peugeot 4.3%
9 Opel 4.0%
10 Kia 4.0%

Top 10 most searched for models – September 2023

Brand Fashion model Share in searches
1 Volkswagen golf 2.2%
2 Volkswagen Polo 1.9%
3 BMW 3 series 1.5%
4 Audi A3 1.4%
5 Ford Focus 1.2%
6 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.0%
7 Mercedes Benz C class 1.0%
8 Ford Fiesta 0.9%
9 BMW 5 series 0.9%
10 Audi A4 0.9%

Fuel and body style

Used petrol cars are by far the most popular with a share of 52.3 percent of searches. Cars with a conventional petrol engine remain well ahead of hybrid models. Cars with a hybrid drivetrain are in second place with a search share of 24.4 percent. However, never before has the share of hybrid cars been so large. Diesel cars are in third place (9.4 percent) and appear to be more popular than second-hand electric cars. We therefore find EVs in fourth place with a share of 8.6 percent of searches. 2.6 percent of the searches were for a car that also uses LPG.

The hatchback has overtaken the station wagon, making hatchbacks the most popular on and Autotrack. 23.3 percent of searches involved the hunt for a used hatchback. Station wagons accounted for 22.4 percent of searches. SUVs are in third place with a share of 15.1 percent, followed by sedans (9.8 percent) in fourth place and MPVs (8.9 percent) in fifth place. Striking: 5.4 percent of searches were for a second-hand convertible.

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