See: new Porsche Panamera can ‘dance’ on air suspension

Just like the GLS

Porsche Panamera 2023Porsche Panamera 2023Porsche Panamera 2023Porsche PanameraPorsche Panamera 2023

Porsche Panamera dances

We have known everything about the new Porsche Panamera since the end of November. At least, that’s what we thought! It now appears that the car is able to ‘dance’ on its air suspension, which is sure to be a good thing when you show the car to your friends for the first time.

Porsche shares the apparently somewhat nonsensical piece of art via Instagram, in a video (see below) in which the new Porsche Panamera actually moves up and down enthusiastically. Such a ‘hopping’ car is not completely new, not even outside the lowrider scene. Mercedes has been providing certain versions of the GLE and GLS with a ‘bounce mode’ for years, in which the car moves up and down in a comparably fast manner. The purpose of that function is formally to free the SUVs if they are stuck in the sand, although ‘bounce mode’ seems to be more successful in the role of attention-getting on social media.

As far as we can judge, the dance function of the Porsche Panamera is exclusively aimed at the latter. Unlike the Mercedes, each corner of the Panamera can move up or down individually, causing the car to move back and forth in addition to up and down. In this way, Porsche demonstrates the possibilities of the optional Porsche Active Ride Suspension chassis. This ensures that the Panamera not only remains flat when driving, but even actively hangs ‘in’ the bend like a motorcycle. We also saw that before at Mercedes. Porsche Active Ride also actively counteracts diving tendencies and can raise the car significantly when stationary, making it easier to get in and out.

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