Set reminders for appointment in Google Calendar


Customize notification settings in Google Calendar and never forget an appointment again.

Google Calendar is a digital calendar in which you keep track of all your appointments and set birthdays. Create multiple calendars for different groups, such as one for family outings, one for the association, and one for doctor’s appointments. If you have multiple devices, such as a PC, smartphone and tablet, you have access to the agenda on all those devices. You see appointments scheduled on the PC directly on the smartphone and vice versa. In this article, we’ll follow the steps on a PC.

You can be notified of all appointments in Google Calendar. This is a reminder of the appointment, so you don’t forget that you have to be at the dentist in half an hour or that you have an appointment with a friend tomorrow. Adjust how and when that notification is given. This can be done per appointment, but you can also change the default setting. We show the latter.

  • surf to Google Calendar.
  • Sign in with your Google account if needed
  • The calendar opens automatically. Click the gear icon in the top right (the settings).
  • click on Institutions.
  • Click on the appropriate calendar in the menu on the left under ‘Settings for my calendars’.

There are three fields for which you can customize notifications: event notifications, all-day event notifications, and other notifications.

Under “Appointment Notifications” there are three gray drop-down menus.

  • click on Notification and choose whether you want a notification in Google Calendar or an email reminder of the event. Do you choose the latter? Select E-mail.
  • click on minutes to adjust when the notification comes. For example, choose Hours, To dawn or Weeks or keep it to minutes.
  • Click the box with a number to adjust the number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. Click the up or down arrow to change the amount.

Google Calendar can also provide multiple notifications of an appointment. For example, you can receive a reminder one day in advance and one hour before the appointment. Or choose to receive a notification via Google Calendar and a notification via email. Click on + Add notification and go through the above steps again.

By default, there are no notifications set for all-day appointments. Do you want this?

  • click on + Add notification.
  • Four gray areas appear. click on Notification and choose whether you want a notification in Google Calendar or an email reminder of the event. Do you choose the latter? Select E-mail.
  • click on To dawn to adjust when the notification comes. You can choose from days or weeks.
  • In the box marked “1”, type how many days or weeks before the appointment the notification will be given.
  • Click on the box with ’09:00 am’ and adjust the time when the notification comes. Google uses the English time format here. All times with ‘am’ after it are between 00:00 and 12:00. All times marked with ‘pm’ are between noon and midnight.
  • Click on + Add notificationn to set multiple notifications for the appointment.

Under ‘Other notifications’, set whether Google Calendar should notify you by email when something is changed in the calendar. For example, if someone has added a new appointment in the calendar or has adjusted the time of a scheduled appointment. By default you will receive a notification of this via e-mail. If you do not want this, click behind a part on the gray area with E-mail and select No.

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