Set up Outlook, Hotmail or Live account on an iPhone or iPad

Anyone who has an Outlook account can easily add it to the Mail application on your iPhone or iPad. Also Hotmail and Live users can do this. This allows you to easily use the service in iOS.

In addition to Mail, you can also use Outlook or Hotmail to synchronize your associated appointments and contacts linked to this account. You can also synchronize notes and reminders, but then you cannot use all functions. It is therefore best to only use Mail for this account. It is best to synchronize the other things with iCloud!

Add Outlook, Live and Hotmail to iOS

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Navigate to ‘Mail’ and tap ‘Accounts’
  3. Choose ‘New account’
  4. Select the ‘’ option
  5. Log in with your email address and password on the resulting page
  6. Choose the options you want to sync
  7. Tap Save to add the account

Do you have a business account? Then choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’ and follow the steps on the screen to log in with your account.

Set up Outlook or Live account on an iPhone or iPad

From that moment on you can use this account in the Mail application. If you experience problems, you can check the settings via Settings ▸ Mail ▸ Accounts ▸ Open the Outlook account ▸ tap ‘Account’ ▸ Advanced.

You can also add your Outlook account to Mail for Mac using this step-by-step plan. You can also use Microsoft’s Outlook application instead of the standard Mail app.

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