Smart as the electric car itself: the EVBox Livo home charger

Home charging of the future is already here with the new EVBox Livo

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Whether you are an electric driver or not, there is no denying that the technology of an electric car is smarter and cleaner than that of a car with a combustion engine. EVBox has been responding to this since 2010 with smart, functional charging solutions for at home and on the road. The new EVBox Livo not only makes home charging easier, but also more efficient, smarter and cheaper.

  • EVBox Livo: the best-rated home charging station
  • Awarded a Red Dot Design Award 2023
  • Smart charging for home, optimal use of solar power
  • Make optimal use of the available energy
  • Charging during off-peak hours; save money
  • Available with 7.4 kW/11 kW/22 kW

You may already know the EVBox brand from the compact charging stations in public parking lots or at work. Or you are already one of the hundreds of thousands of EV drivers who have a home charger from this brand. And just like the electric car itself, the charging station technology evolves with changing requirements and possibilities. This makes a home charger – also called a wallbox – much more than a box with a plug. The EVBox Livo has a brain that thinks along with you and is just as economical with electricity as you are.

How smart is the EVBox Livo?

The new generation of charging stations is mainly about smart charging. That starts with good connectivity. The EVBox Livo is continuously online and therefore receives all relevant data needed to charge your electric car quickly, safely and cost-effectively. If you have solar panels, you can adjust the EVBox Livo accordingly. In addition, there is the option to charge at times when electricity prices are low. Via the included EVBox Everon app, you have insight into the charging process and energy flows anytime, anywhere, so that you can optimize and personalize charging sessions and prevent any overload of your home network. It goes without saying that the EVBox Livo is equipped with the leading cybersecurity OCPP 2.0.1 and always has the latest software via Over The Air Updates. An addition to the smart features of EVBox Livo is the EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit. The EVBox Dynamic Load Balancing kit safely balances energy consumption between your charging station and other devices and optimizes charging speeds. This way you can charge efficiently and monitor your grid connection at the same time. This kit is optionally available.

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EVBox advertorial (ON78525)

Save money with smart charging

Driving an EV not only means that you have chosen quiet, clean and super-efficient drive technology, you also save on maintenance and energy costs. You can partly control the latter by, for example, charging as little as possible along the highway and choosing the right charging card. But also by charging as much as possible at home with the intelligent EVBox Livo. Energy companies want to optimize consumption as much as possible and thus offer electricity at a low rate during off-peak hours.

The EVBox Livo: sustainable, beautiful and multi-awarded

The EVBox Livo is not only very inventive, but is also beautiful to look at. More than once such a home charger hangs on the facade and then it can be an eye-catcher, in a positive sense. The well-thought-out design caught the attention of the jury of the famous Red Dot Design Award and won this coveted trophy in 2023. The EVBox Livo is compact and looks futuristic with its black front. The housing is made from a low-carbon, sustainable alternative to traditional carbons. The victory in a test by AutoBild magazine with ten comparable home chargers proves that the EVBox Livo is also beautiful underneath. The results of this test can be found here. The test was made by AutoBild in collaboration with the experts from P3, the largest European research center of wall boxes for electric cars. P3 provides valuable information that can be useful when purchasing a wallbox.

EVBox: market leader in charging infrastructure

EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundation for a more sustainable world in which electric mobility is the norm. Founded in 2010, EVBox is a market leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE). More than 500,000 charging points have been delivered to partners and customers worldwide. The solutions offered by EVBox include residential and commercial charging stations and DC fast charging, as well as charging management software.

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