Smart thermostat from tado: now extra cheap

Are you looking for a smart thermostat? Then check out the Smart Thermostat V3+ from tado, because it is now extra cheap!

Smart thermostat from tado: now extra cheap

It may not be of much use to you during the warm weather, but when it gets cold again you will benefit greatly from it: a smart thermostat. This ensures that you only heat the house when necessary. And this way you save a lot on your energy bill!

tado starter kit

The smart thermostat from tado is a good start, because with this Starter Kit V3+ you have everything you need to make your heating smart. And the great thing is? It is now also extra cheap at Albert Heijn. That’s how much it costs now 109 euros (normally 219 euros).

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An important advantage of the tado thermostat is that it is compatible with Apple HomeKit. This allows you to easily operate the smart thermostat via the Home app on both your iPhone and iPad.

In addition, the smart Tado thermostat is suitable for various types of central heating boilers and can even be used for underfloor heating. It also has useful functions on board. This way it can detect when a window is open and adjust the settings automatically. This will of course save you some extra money on your energy bill!

You have to take a number of things into account with the Tado thermostat. The installation can be a bit complex because you have to connect it to the existing wiring. This can be difficult if you do not have much experience with (electrical) cabling.

tado app

In addition, you have to pay extra to unlock all the functions of the Tado thermostat, such as automatically lowering the heating when you open a window. A subscription costs 2.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per year. This subscription is not mandatory, but if you do not take out it you will have to make these types of adjustments manually.

Still, the price makes up for a lot. And for just over 100 euros you have an excellent starter kit to make your heating smarter!

Make your home even smarter

In addition to smart thermostats, we consider all kinds of ways to make your home just a little smarter. For example, are you looking for a smart doorbell? Then you can read in our article about smart doorbells without a subscription which one you should take out!

  • Smart thermostat from tado: now extra cheap

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